Prism desktop on premise software

Simplify and automate your day-to-day Water Treatment Software operations with an all-in-one field service management platform.

Prism Manages Routes & Schedules

Manage Routes & Schedules

  • Plan, track, & optimize routes
  • Schedule Preventive Maintenance 
  • Re-Route technicians for Emergency Service
  • Equip drivers to service customers on routes
Track & Manage Inventory

Track & Manage Inventory

  • Manage equipment rentals and servicing
  • Track inventory replenishment & traceability
  • Load trucks faster & accurately
  • Update orders & collect payments in the field
Improve Customer Experience

Improve Customer Experience

  • Respond to Emergency Service
  • Take surveys and track water testing
  • Customer online bill payments
  • Automated customer communication

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"McGowan Water Conditioning has been using Prism Visual Software for over 15 years. We manage every part of our business from quote to sale to install to ongoing PM & Filter maintenance with the software. With a quick glance, I know the profitability of my business by revenue type (install, salt, service, and rentals), have clear accountability of the team and know my customers are being well served through Prism ServQuest Office Software and MiniMate Mobile in the field. The software has been getting better and better and the support is outstanding when we need it; which is rare!"

Michael McGowan, President
McGowan Water Conditioning


Grow revenue with a Water Treatment Software Platform that gives you greater control of your operations


Plan and adjust field employee workdays by taking into account their experience and labor costs. Schedule sales representatives, drivers, service specialists, and equipment in one dashboard. View multiple schedules at a glance and monitor work order progress. Run vending alongside your services and customize the management of your business lines.



Optimize daily routes and provide turn-by-turn directions to avoid obstacles and ensure drivers arrive on time. Organize fleet, maximize driver and service team efficiency, increase driver safety, reduce fuel and labor costs, eliminate risks of missed deliveries.


Communicate with your clients online, in person, by phone, and over email to improve their experience. Easily manage client interactions through multiple channels. Notify customers about promotions, discounts, and special pricing.


Regularly view asset lists, manage customer rental fees, track equipment, manage warehouses, and control inventory levels all in a single, powerful, and easy-to-use software system. With detailed tracking know exactly where equipment is. Ensure product quality and reduce expiration events with traceability best practice on barcoding and lot tracking.


Coordinate drivers and sales teams on-the-go for more effective operations in the field. Monitor customer order status, manage deliveries, track service specialist time, control business costs, and create quotes to sell products in the field with the MiniMateTM Android app. Issue email and print invoices, collect mobile payments, and capture customer signatures in the field.


Add Web Store to your website and enable your customers to securely log in, browse your inventory, place product orders and service requests online easier than ever. Receive client feedback regarding product suggestions and testimonials about the quality of your products and services.


Find orders, quotes, and invoices all in one accessible, easy-to-manage location. Send reminders and receive helpful alerts and announcements. Streamline payments with invoice templates and automated tasks. Automatically put lot codes in orders and invoices and collect payments with auto-pay schedules.


See how your business is running with detailed, real-time reports. Get visibility into business data and control every aspect of your operations to prevent costly inquiries and recalls. Identify where you are making and losing profits. Use historical data on product consumption, sales analytics, and live progress to discover future trends and increase income.




Run your business operations more efficiently with a software that integrates with your accounting system, giving you the flexibility to automate and optimize most delivery and service operations. With the accounting system integration, you can manage routes, track delivery inventory, support sales,  and improve finances top to bottom. 

Eliminate double entries and errors with seamless accounting integration.

Prism’s Order Connector integrates the route accounting platform with your chosen accounting software, including popular options such as AccountMate, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Sage, and QuickBooks. Syncing your accounting software with Prism’s ServQuest and MiniMate will help maintain up-to-date data across all devices and eliminate double entries.

Speak to one of our specialists about integrating your accounting software with our end-to-end route accounting platform.

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