Promotional Pricing

Unlock your sales potential with promotional pricing

Incentivize customers to make purchases by promoting discounts, deals, and special pricing.

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Manage Promotions

  • Get accurate promotions and discounts overview across all retail channels
  • Keep track of active customized incentives
  • Gain insights into promotion effectiveness 
  • Compile and analyze essential data with real-time inventory reports
  • Track promotional on-hands and returns
  • View past sales averages

Increase Sales

  • Offer personalized discounts to clients
  • Customize deals based on sales history
  • Run campaigns targeting specific customers
  • Analyze customer purchase history
  • Inform customers of active promotions
  • Set a minimum selling price for individual items
  • Prevent stock-outs  of promotional items with inventory level alerts

Optimize Prices

  • Estimate the effectiveness of promotions on product lines
  • Analyze specific item promotions to optimize price
  • Monitor competitor promotions
  • Make data-driven pricing decisions
  • Create and run surveys to learn about customers readiness to purchase

Get a Quote

Manage personalized discounts to acquire customers, move product, and increase sales.


Use the PrismVS software platform to support your promotional sales activity. 



phone minimate

The MiniMate Mobile App synchronizes data across your devices to keep inventory information up to date.

tablet route management

Optimize delivery routes by planning the shortest distance, viewing time windows, and reassigning stops from one truck to another, automatically optimizing all affected routes.

Take the next step towards automating your distribution process and growing your business.