Equipment Rental Solutions

Manage equipment rentals with one software system tailored to meet your company's requirements.

Gain insight into your equipment rental process to foresee and manage future demand, plan upcoming service schedules, reduce downtimes, and automate routine processes.  

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Access Real-Time Data

  • Know what equipment inventory you have on hand across all warehouses, trucks, and storage areas
  • Retrieve sales and delivery instruction
  • Monitor equipment locations, measure spare levels and control part transfers between trucks
  • Stay on top of truck replenishment with insight into equipment inventory levels
  • Keep all information documented, organized, and current to be available from any device with data synchronization

Maximize Customer Sales

  • Forecast equipment demand and accurately define the number of parts to hold in stock
  • Give field employees the ability to take orders, collect payments, and document signatures in the fields with MiniMate Mobile Apps
  • Eliminate manual, physical counting, and data entry through barcode reading
  • Set a minimum selling price for individual items
  • Automatically calculate promotions and discounts

Manage Servicing & Schedules

  • Increase staff efficiency by automating time-consuming processes
  • Schedule equipment inspections and servicing
  • See planned vs. actual time of servicing
  • Avoid stock-outs with automatic minimum quantity threshold notifications
  • Plan and reassign service stops from one route to another
  • Analyze maintenance activity reports to make informed purchasing decisions for equipment replacement

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With Prism Visual Software, you'll connect your back office and field force and access updated information across all your devices.


PrismVS' desktop and mobile applications sync through our order connectors and ensure all company members are working with current data. 



phone minimate

Make equipment requests, update quantity changes, schedule maintenance visits with MiniMate Mobile Apps tools.

tablet route management

Optimize routes by planning the shortest distance, viewing time windows, and reassigning stops from one warehouse to another, automatically optimizing all affected routes.

Take the next step towards automating your distribution process and growing your business.