MiniMate™ Mobile Apps

Empower your drivers on the road.

Equip Route Sales Drivers, Pre-order Salespeople, and Service Techs on the road with data and tools to service clients through their smartphone or tablets anywhere with or without a mobile connection.


Access Real-Time Data

  • Retrieve order and delivery instructions
  • Track inventory levels in trucks
  • Access client profiles and sales history
  • View account balances and invoices
  • Sync Data across all devices

Maximize Customer Sales

  • Sync data across all devices
  • Take orders and payments in the field
  • Record signatures and notes
  • Set a minimum selling price for select items
  • Auto-calculate promotions & discounts
  • Set right reorder point and automate purchasing

Manage route sales & workers

  • Plan best and fastest routes
  • Track worker location and times
  • Reassign stops from one route to another
  • Access driving instructions
  • See planned vs. actual servicing time
  • Perform en-route and off-route customer Servicing

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Give drivers and sales reps the tools to Manage routes, increase sales and improve customer service while out on the road


PrismVS mobile application features are used by Pre-Order Salespeople, Route Sales Drivers & Equipment Service Techs on the road.



phone minimate

Service anybody anywhere with the MiniMate™ Mobile Apps tools and conduct your delivery operations with, or without, a connection.

tablet route management

Optimize routes by planning the shortest distance, viewing time windows, and reassigning stops, automatically optimizing all affected routes.

Take the next step towards automating your distribution process and growing your business.