Truck Inventory Management

Know inventory levels in every service truck, on every route

See real-time inventory levels on your trucks and reduce operational and handling costs by replenishing and transferring goods efficiently.  Anticipate demand and make strategic, informed loading decisions that optimize inventory life-cycle.

Dispatch 4 tablet

Access Real-Time Data

  • Get inventory visibility across all trucks, warehouses, and storage areas
  • Monitor inventory transfers between trucks
  • Load trucks accurately to prevent stock-outs and low inventory level
  • Compile and analyze data with real-time inventory reports
  • Sync real time inventory data across all devices

Manage Service Truck Inventory

  • Define truck replenishment points
  • Set shelf life, expiry, & inventory level alerts 
  • Optimize day-to-day truck inventory operations
  • Prevent loss from spoilage and mismanaged returns
  • Reduce search and handling time with immediate access to customer orders

Increase Inventory Margins

  • Identify highest-selling items to adjust sales strategy
  • Define optimal stock level for every truck
  • Analyze sales history reports to forecast customer demands and plan future inventory levels
  • Reduce obsolete inventory by regular analysis of sales reports
  • Avoid overloading and reduce handling costs

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Use ServQuest, Dispatch, and MiniMate software for truck inventory management


PrismVS' software platform applications connect your back office, mobile, and truck data accurately and efficiently.



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Use MiniMate to load trucks, update inventory requests, and send invoices to clients.

tablet route management

Optimize routes by planning the shortest distance, viewing time windows, and reassigning truck stops, automatically optimizing all affected routes.

Take the next step towards automating your distribution process with our service truck inventory management software.