Payment Solutions

With a few clicks, you can save money and increase cash flow for your field service or distribution company with Prism Visual Software’s Payment Processing Module! Charging customers has never been so easy while preserving the utmost security by following all PCI Compliance guidelines.

With 5 different workflows, reduce labor costs, reduce bad debt, and increase collecting,

1. Auto-pay

Make it easy for your customers to pay you in a batch process via credit card or ACH. Give them the option to pay however often they prefer, whether daily, weekly, or monthly.

2. Credit Card & ACH Processing

Do you have overdue customers who aren’t sending the check? Simply call them up, input their credit card or account information, and settle their balance.

3. Point-of-sale

Walk-ins process payments at the touch of a button when customers walk into your distribution or field service company and want to pay with a credit card.

4. Mobile Field Service Sale

Do you want your drivers to have the ability to take credit card payments from customers while out in the field? Prism accommodates mobile payments by credit card via apps on your smartphone.

5. Web Bill Pay

Give customers the freedom the pay at their convenience while also reducing your time spent obtaining credit card payments with Prism’s Web Bill Pay. This will give them the ability to review their invoices, reprint invoices, and pay directly online.


Prism Visual Software, Inc. does not store credit card or bank account information locally in conformance with PCI Compliance guidelines.


Prism ServQuest for service and delivery companies integrates directly into payment processing gateways for seamless credit card and ACH payments.

Give customers the freedom to pay at their convenience while reducing your time spent obtaining credit card payments. Prism Web Bill Pay is a secure and easy platform to view, manage and pay invoices.

Level 2 and 3 Processing Prism’s distribution and service software suite support Level 2 and Level 3 payment processing. Level two processing is your basic consumer transaction, but with additional information like sales tax and customer code. Level three processing helps companies monitor their transactions by collection line item details and securing them significantly lower interchange rates.

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