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We are growing and recruiting for the following positions:


Account Executive

Position Summary 

Prism Visual Software is looking for a high-energy individual who can recognize opportunities and turn leads into long-lasting partnerships. With their extensive product knowledge and understanding of industry trends, Account Executives will communicate directly with clients and prospects, understand their individual business needs, and recommend products or services that maximize value. Account Executives will also assist in developing sales strategies and establishing quotas. You should be an adaptable, knowledgeable multitasker with strong computer and communication skills.  Learn more here

Technical Services Engineer

Position Summary 

Prism Visual Software is seeking an experienced Technical Services Engineer to join our team and provide technical support for our products and services.  In this role, you will be responsible for troubleshooting, setting up, and managing SQL databases, as well as implementing products in the cloud or on-premises.  You will also be responsible for managing Active Directory for user management as an internal IT resource.  Learn more here