8 Must-Haves for Distribution & Field Service Companies in 2017

8 Must-Haves for Distribution & Field Service Companies in 2017

1. Fully Integrated Online Web Store with your Back Office ERP System

Delivery days based on route, customer specific pricing, and authorized item lists are features that an average web store cannot provide. Allow customers to sign in and place product orders, pay bills, and submit service requests. Enhance user experience with item images and search options to explore items by category, keyword, previous orders, promotional items, and new items.

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2. Route Book Schedules and Call Centers

Never miss a recurring customer visit again. Generate daily tickets for sales, delivery, and service with a click of a button. Additionally, use inbound and outbound call center dashboards to schedule deliveries and emergency service.

3. CRM with Sales Tools

Increase sales, product awareness, and collection of aging receivables. Leverage the benefits of a traditional CRM system with additional sales features that maximize revenue. View sales history, par values, shelf values and suggested complementary products at the point of sale.

4. Tank and Gas Lot Tracking

Gain the ability to track all assets based on barcode or serial number. Increase visibility of operations and know where all tanks/cylinders are at any given time. Comply with new FSMA regulations with tracking and traceability.

5. Food Lot Tracking

Easily comply with new SQF / FSMA regulations with an automated cradle to grave lot tracking solution. Gain visibility as well as eliminate additional work that is inherent in non-integrated systems. Ensure forward and backward traceability scanning inbound ingredients all the way to scanning finished products at the point of shipping or DSD delivery.

6. Pricing and Profit Management

Determine the prices, discounts, and promotions that increase sales volume and gross profit margin. Use customer specific prices or group customers into tiered price levels. Offer clients promotional deals such as free cases or dollars off.

7. Dispatch Board and Real-Time Tracking

Maximize profit from efficient utilization of mobile employees. Planning is easy with color-coded tickets, customizable views, and drag-and-drop resequencing. Route optimization allows for quickest drive time, saving fuel, and increasing route capacity. Accountability is enhanced with the live daily progress that includes drive time, ticket time, total sales, and alerts after completing stops. Last minute tickets are easily assigned to the closest driver or technician.

8. Android Mobile Software: MiniMate App

The next generation of mobile technology is here! This powerful application, available on smartphones and tablets, streamlines mobile operations and eliminates paper trails. MiniMate presents sales reps, drivers, and technicians with the route plan, truckload, inventory on-hand quantities, sales tools, delivery information, service requests, and equipment history. The mobile application features options to add picture attachments, answer survey questions, barcode scan, view customer’s open balance invoices, collect payments, capture signatures, and print/email invoices.

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