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Prism Visual Software, Inc., designs, sells, and customizes mobile routing solutions for route sales & service, delivery & service, pre-order, equipment service, water treatment service, data shredding, and survey-testing inspections. The industries in which many of our customers are doing business include food and beverage, water treatment, data shredding, and equipment service. Even though these and related industries provide different services and products, our software is based on the conceptual commonalities of their routing tasks. Our software solutions provide outstanding and comprehensive functionality of superior quality.

Our software solutions have condensed complex business transaction of routing companies to the three steps:

STEP 1: In the Office

Office personnel take orders and schedule delivery or service appointments. Prism’s comprehensive and expandable software solutions, RoadQuest and ServQuest, organize these and other in-the-office tasks. Although orders as such are not taken for route-sales, RoadQuest builds and maintains standard orders and par values. When the daily tickets are generated, GIS software and a dispatch board optimize routes, assign stop sequences, and give directions.

GIS software

STEP 2: On the Road

The PDAs are loaded with the routes and with appropriate truck-load counts. Prism’s mobile software, MiniMate, allows drivers to take orders, make sales, do deliveries, service equipment, and capture signature. MiniMate enables the field force to do the job efficiently and bring it to its logical conclusion.

 Prism’s mobile software
MiniMate mobile app

STEP 3: Back to the Office

PDA completes tickets and orders
Synching the data from the PDA completes tickets and orders, and generates invoices. Prism’s comprehensive solution keeps track of the entire invoicing and billing process.

Additional Features

Prism’s software integrates with several off-the-shelf accounting solutions (e.g. AccountMate, QuickBooks, BusinessVision). Additional features of our software such as web-based order capability, technician dispatching feature, and customer surveying option are available upon request and enhance the field force functionality.

Accounting software
Route optimization software

Industry Recognition and Our Contact

inventory control software
Prism’s software has gained industry recognition and won many awards in recent years. If you need our software products and solutions, please contact us at 516-944-5920 or send e-mail.