Workforce Management Software for Direct Sales

Use workforce management software system to improve your sales.

Do you need workforce management software to perform direct sales or equipment service? We can offer you the right workforce solution that enables using the right employees to the right work every time because our ServQuest™ is more than field service scheduling only. By using our ServQuest™ scheduling and dispatching software you will have the best results with the right job made by the right delivery driver or service technician on the right vehicles and with the parts at the right time. Minimizing the drive times and white space in employees' schedules via advanced workforce scheduling allows efficiently utilize your delivery and field service teams.

Assigning the right tasks to your delivery drivers and field service technicians can be a complicated operation because you need to take into consideration many different aspects, including servicing the most valuable customers first of all. To provide high workforce effectiveness whereas maintaining customer delight is the preferred task, you need:

  • to assign the right task(s) to the most appropriately skilled driver(s), engineer(s), or technician(s);
  • to check that the chosen for accomplishing the particular delivery or equipment service employee(s) do not have infeasible schedules and/or overbooked;
  • to be sure that customers' preferred appointment time windows are adhered to;
  • to optimize the delivery routes so your delivery drivers and equipment technicians will travel less and make more deliveries and services for their work time;
  • to be sure that the schedule is feasible and efficient and doesn't have negatively impacted on the resolution time and customer satisfaction.

ServQuest™ advanced scheduling capabilities allow all in a single place. An exceptional user interface enables managing the interactive scheduling processes. Using our intuitive Prism Dispatch™ – dispatch software solution – enables easy assigning and setting up the multiple work orders simultaneously.

Provide your dispatchers with our Prism Dispatch™ – a highly configurable, rich, and interactive dispatch software program that helps to assign the work orders to the right delivery drivers and equipment technicians. Your informed dispatchers will be able to work wonders with the schedule, balancing available vehicles and service workers, delivery locations, technicians' skills and expertise, customer priorities, and more with ease. In addition, route map optimization allows your company to reduce the fuel and labor costs and ensure that your field force completes more stops with fewer resources and less over time.

With our MiniMate™ workforce mobile application, you will be able to extend the reach of your workforce management solution by giving your workers the ability to perform their tasks, namely deliveries and equipment service, using mobile and handheld devices. Your delivery drivers and service technicians will be able to use their smartphones and tablets to check their work schedules, to see the work instructions, to set their preferences, to check the made work, and to see the vacation balances.

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