Wine Distribution

Wine distribution software


  • Route Optimization and Visual Dispatching
  • Multi-Warehouses Management
  • Advanced Purchasing and Sales Control 
  • Order and Credit Management  
  • Barcoding and Lot Number Traceability 
  • Web Customer for Online Sales 
  • Automatic Reminders and Alerts
  • Customer Specific Bottled Wine Pricing
  • Mobile Sales Order Management
  • Invoicing and Billing Management
  • ACH Payments and Mobile Payments 
  • Integration and Customized Reporting 
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Software Overview

order management feature Order Management

    Use advanced features to manage even the most complex requirements of the wine distribution business. Maintain overall orders with the ability to quickly create new orders by client requests. Deliver your customers full and, if it is needed, partial wine cases. Eliminate costs on missed orders, repeat sales, payment errors, damaged bottles, and delivery issues. Copy items from previous orders to create a new order and current delivery. Monitor orders’ status and workflow progress.

route management software Route Management

    Set your route management process to maximum efficiency. Improve logistics effectiveness and all your customers will always get the right product timely. Cut transportation costs, maximize the use of trucks and drivers, reduce route inquiries, decrease fuel costs and empty running by creating optimized routes with multiple stops. Communicate created routes, work orders' updates, and turn-by-turn directions with your drivers. Track vehicle location, drivers work time, route progress, late and missed stops, and be informed about when customers’ orders have been delivered.

CRM Management Feature CRM Management

    Understand customers and their attitude to the wine distribution to get business success. Price wine products with a controlled broad range of flexible options to interest your clients. Provide customers with the ability to contact you and purchase across multiple channels – in person, online, by phone, through email, from a catalog. Integrate all channels in a single system to manage customer information and orders, to gain visibility of clients’ preferences, to assist and ensure high-quality customer service.

inventory management feature Inventory Management

    Provide advanced bottled wine inventory management across multiple warehouses. Tag wine bottles and boxes with barcodes and easily track inventory moving from the vendor to the retailer with the lot number traceability. Ensure you have the right quantity of inventory in stock and reserve products for certain customers, including limited availability of vintage wine. Eliminate double-entry, manage pre-order processing, control the expiration date, work with quotes, inquiries, and offers.

Mobile app Mobility

    Provide your sales personnel with MiniMateTM Android mobile app for performing wireless real-time sales orders from customer locations. Barcoding technology used in MiniMateTM enables scanning bottles and boxes barcodes to immediately complete order entry. Stand-alone database, Bing Maps, collecting payments, lightning-fast printing, signatures capturing, automated tax calculation, chargebacks, reporting, and other features transform how wine distributors can compete.

online sales  Web Store

    Maximize your wine distribution potential; enable customers to make orders 24/7 through the Web Store that can be easily added to your existing website without any additional software installation. Sell wine products online, provide pre-sales, build customizable orders, send invoices, receive payments, create personal coupons, offer discounts, track order status, verify delivery, monitor reviews, store online orders' history – smoothly process all online transactions.

Payments Processing feature Payment Processing

    Grow your business on the right principles. Retailers must know exactly, once they had bought your wine, it is their product and they must pay you. Modernize your payment processing with our newest technologies and you will save time needed on managing payments and accounts receivable. ACH payments, electronic transfers, mobile payments, auto-pay schedules, and auto-generated alerts provide a constructive way of payment processing.

customized reporting feature Reporting

    Simplify the process of accurate compliance regulations and controlling all aspects of your wine distribution operations. Automate reporting for multiple states and entities in one system. Sort, group, filter and customize results by details, current records, and historical data. Refine and annotate the data for commentary and further discussion. Use data history to better forecast future buying including seasonal demand variances.

Single ERP System Integration

    Fully optimized and completely tailored to your business wine distribution software system that seamlessly integrates with third-party software including accounting systems such as SAP, Sage, AccountMate, including QuickBooks, and Microsoft Dynamics through Order Connector. Create a single-process flow for your business operations and you will save work time needed on re-entering data to your accounting system and eliminate data entry errors.

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