Why is Route Optimization Important for Companies Performing the Field Service?

Route Optimization Important Software Solution for Field Service Companies

Field service companies provide clients with the necessary support on a daily basis. Their business activity involves deliveries required services and support in the field, so it is very important for their delivery drivers and service technicians:

  • to have the correct information about customer locations, 
  • to be able to arrive at the right destination at the right time, 
  • to know the work, they are appointed to; 
  • to fulfill their work as faster and safely as possible.
Meantime, field service companies meet many problems such as:
  • rising the fuel cost,
  • maintenance of the vehicle fleet, 
  • difficulties in monitoring the field stuff, 
  • inaccurate or out-of-date information in reports, 
  • missing the data necessary for analysis and forecast and others.

Why route optimization is important for organizations performing the field service? Because deliveries are an integral part of their business activity. Their delivery drivers and service technicians need overcome thousands of miles to meet clients at their locations. The number of customers they can serve every day depends on how the delivery routes have been planned. Ineffective routes require unnecessary expenses of time and resources. They also tire delivery drivers and service technicians via driving around unneeded miles and make nervous clients via tedious waiting.

Our company specialized in creating software solutions for organizations performing equipment service, delivering pre-ordered goods, or route sales. We have been studying for more than twenty years difficulties and problems such companies meet when performing their business activities as well as their needs and requirements. Our professional software team has developed some desktop and mobile software solutions, including route optimization software that can help to greatly improve the performance of field service and route sales companies via saving on their costs, including time and resources.

Prism VS route optimization software – Prism Dispatch™ – not only allows operators and dispatchers to create the optimal routes for performing deliveries products and services in a professional and effective way but also to adjust the schedule as needed.

Field service companies (like other organizations) need to be sure that their planning, organizing, scheduling, dispatching, staffing, and tracking processes are running smoothly.

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