Why Prism VS’s Preventative Maintenance Computerized Solution?

Preventative maintenance software helps to reduce maintenance costs.

Preventative maintenance or, in other words, servicing equipment on the regular, pre-determined schedule, brings companies many advantages, the main of each are:

  • allow to prevent catastrophic failures; 
  • prolongs the useful lifecycle of equipment and assets; 
  • decreases the necessity of the equipment and asset replacements; 
  • increases equipment and assets uptime; 
  • enhances equipment reliability and efficiency; 
  • reduces maintenance costs; 
  • supports compliance with regulatory standards; 
  • increases safety; 
  • decreases power expenses, 
  • helps to maximize return on assets, and more.

Therefore more and more companies practice the maintenance of their equipment on a regular schedule and, as a rule, get the best of possible performance of their equipment.

Our company develops computer programs that help organizations to plan, organize, realize, and control equipment maintenance. We understand that the more smoothly and effectively your equipment performs, the more profit you can make, and want to help you with suitable software tools.

Our computerized solution for preventative maintenance includes:

  • ServQuest™ desktop software for use in the office to provide efficient scheduling, dispatching, customer relationship management (CRM), and more. 
  • MiniMate™ mobile software solution for mobile handheld devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other running on the Windows PocketPC, Windows Mobile, and Android operating systems. 
  • Order Connector enables pushing data not only between ServQuest™, MiniMate™, and other Prism’s software solutions but accounting systems such as SAP, Sage, AccountMate, QuickBooks, and others too.

Why Prism VS’s preventative maintenance software solution?

  • Experience – more than twenty years of experience in developing software solutions based on modern software technologies.
  • Flexibility – our unique flexible software solutions handle the main business processes. 
  • Sustainability – software life-cycle we provide includes access to updates for the latest and greatest versions. 
  • Motivation – our company consists of the motivated developer, support specialists, and implementation consultants teams.
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