Why Prism VS’s Inventory Software?

Advantages of using Prism’s inventory database software

Prism Visual Software, Inc. is an industry-leading software company providing a full suite of computerized products for field service businesses. Our software products are built with the base of enhanced and innovative technologies and can benefit small and middle-companies as well as large organizations.

Today, we offer our current customers and potential clients a range of software solutions that help to automate and optimize most of their everyday business processes, including inventory management, customer relationship management (CRM), route optimization, dispatching, scheduling, tracking, and many other processes concerned with the company’s business activity.

Certainly, any company performing field services, such as delivery of pre-ordered products, equipment service, route sales, or others, needs to deal with an inventory. Well-organized inventory management and control are two of the most important keys to the success of such companies. Specially developed for field service companies our inventory database software can help to organize and perform in the right way the management of inventory located in multiple warehouses.

Why Prism’s inventory database software?

We offer a proven inventory software solution built specifically for companies performing route sales, delivering pre-ordered goods, equipment service, and other field services. Therefore, our inventory database software covers all needs of such businesses from top to bottom. So, if you want to avoid paying for unnecessary features and need the inventory managing solution that is simple, affordable, and reliable and, at the same time, accomplishes the full inventory managing capabilities (including, inventory tracking), our inventory database software is the right for you.

Advantages of the Prism VS’s inventory database software:

  • Simplicity – does not require special software skills and knowledge. 
  • Accuracy – performs correct counts and provides accurate data. 
  • Robust features
    • Real-time availability – provides access to real-time inventory data. 
    • Multi-location support – enables managing inventory located in multiple warehouses. 
    • Tracking – to monitor inventory movement. 
    • Automatically updating – to control inventory levels in real-time. o Barcode scanner – to read the information about items.
    • Alert system – informs about the low inventory level. 
    • Strong reporting – shows the full picture and small details of the business activity. 
  • Scalability – can be easily upgraded to more users, data, features, and functionality. 
  • Mobility – to have access to the inventory database anytime from anywhere. 
  • Reliability – provides corresponding user restrictions and great security. 
  • Customization – can be easily customized to meet specific needs and requirements. 
  • Integrity – easily integrates with other products, including accounting software systems.
Advantages of using Prism’s inventory database software