Prism Visual Software Company: Who We Are

Prism Visual Software Company

Prism Visual Software, Inc. is a privately-owned software design company, founded in 1997. We are located in the larger New York metropolitan area and provide quality desktop and mobile solutions to a wide spectrum of industries, particularly delivery and service companies. The owner, Lorraine Keating, a system’s analyst with an MBA in business software design has extensive experience and expertise in understanding the business needs of the routing industry. Prism’s software writers create high-quality products that are bug-free and easy to use.

Prism Visual Software develops desktop, web, and wireless handheld application software to manage and improve pre-order delivery, route sales, and equipment service operations. The software serves a variety of industries including Food and Beverage Distribution, Perishable Food Distribution, Water Treatment, Bottled Water, HVAC, Equipment Service and Repair, Computer Services, OCS, Propane Fuel and Tank Delivery, Ice Delivery, Fire Inspection Services, and more. Prism Software is configurable for each industry and seamlessly integrates into your accounting system including AccountMate, GP Dynamics, QuickBooks.

Feature areas include route management, asset management, visual dispatching & mapping, automated call centers (inbound, outbound, and collections), truck warehouse control, equipment management and service, inventory loading & selling algorithms, query report writers, and web centers to connect customers and regional offices.

Our support, sales, and marketing team strive for smooth and consistent contact with our current and future customers, providing individualized and first-class attention to make a transition to Prism’s routing solutions easy and desirable. Our customers can rest assured that the Prism team is available when you need us. We pride ourselves in superior product quality and outstanding customer support.