Who Needs Prism Visual Software’s Route Optimization Software?

Prism Dispatch™  route optimization software solution

Prism Dispatch™ is visual dispatching and route map optimization software provided by Prism Visual Software, Inc. Our route optimization solution is designed for dispatchers and route managers to help them plan the optimal delivery routes with the purpose to:

  • decrease the drive time, 
  • save fuel and work hours, 
  • cut transportation costs,
  • increase the route capacity,
  • eliminate irrational use of resources,
  • reduce the fleet of trucks.

Prism Dispatch™ integrates with Bing Maps and the MiniMate™ mobile app designed by our software team for mobile handheld devices running on the Android operating system. Using MiniMate™ allows dispatchers to send optimized routes to field workers' mobile devices with a single click to enable them professionally and quickly make deliveries.

Prism Visual Software’s route optimization software is needed for everybody who:

  • has a business performed route sales, pre-order deliveries, and/or equipment service
  • wants to control his/her business
  • wants to know where his/her drivers are currently located and where they are during the business day
  • has a lot of customers in different areas
  • wants to increase his/her profits by reducing miles and fuel saving
  • wants to save his/her time and money
  • doesn’t want to waste money on the gas, tolls, and oil changes
  • doesn't want to spend time driving around town
  • wants to improve his/her routes
  • doesn’t want to guess about the route quality
  • doesn't want to spend his/her time explaining the existing routes to new employees
  • doesn’t want to tediously plan his/her routes when things change
  • doesn’t want to have the route planning headaches
  • wants to lessen time driving and increase time selling
  • has more clients with fewer employees
  • wants to have access to his/her routes at the office, at home, and on the go
  • doesn’t want to worry about new customers servicing
  • wants to improve the quality of his/her customer service
  • wants to have the support for routes that are changed daily, weekly, or/and seasonally
  • wants to have an individual route plan
  • doesn’t want to buy expensive hardware
  • wants to have the ability to easily plan the business day
  • wants to have the ability to adjust the schedule as needed and easily include emergency tickets
  • wants to have a real-time alert and emergency dispatch
  • wants to have the faster dispatch
  • wants to improve the drivers safe and experience
  • wants to have the drives feedback, including new information on roads
  • wants to have an efficient business
route optimization software
  • wants to have the business software combined and centralized on a single platform that integrates with the most popular off-the-shelf accounting software.

With our route optimization software more painful goes about which driver should make a delivery and to which address.