New Solutions for New and Current Customers!!

(Please contact Prism at 516-944-5920 to inquire about any of these solutions below.)  


Prism has partnered with Billtrust to help our customers take the "paper" out of billing. The Prism/Billtrust outsourced billing solution handles it all for the price of the mailing (minus the effort). With this integrated offering, Prism customers can save time and money on their paper billing and also seamlessly transition to online billing.

Bluetooth Printing

Tired of waiting for the IRDA to line up correctly to print a receipt on your mobile printer? Prism now supports Bluetooth when your field force operator prints from their PDA handheld to their Printer. Simply press "Print" and the receipt will print automatically when the printer is within 15 feet.


Prism has joined forces with ACCU-DART to ensure that our customers have the competitive edge they deserve. ACCU-DART is the R/F bar code solution for your warehouse or manufacturing operation. It seamlessly updates your accounting/inventory system in real-time. ACCU-DARTeffortlessly takes care of all inventory updates such as receiving, shipping, physical counts, bin transfers, etc. from the warehouse floor!