Prism’s Route Managing Programs Instead of Manual Calculation [Adventages]

Use Prism Visual Software's route accounting programs to optimize routes, improve scheduling, and more.

Route accounting programs are necessary for every business performing route sales, pre-order delivery, equipment service or other field services because they give a clear picture of company's activity by planning, organizing, and tracking whole business and each concrete business activity. Purchasing, inventory managing, creating invoices, tracking work orders, generating reports and other processes can be much easier if they are organized, automated, and controlled by the route accounting programs and applications grouped into software packages.

It can be enough complicated to choose a route accounting software solution that the best meets the company's needs. There are many route accounting programs with different features and functionalities are offered by software providers and available on the market. Even different tiers of the same program or application can provide many variations in features. Therefore, it is very important to know what route accounting software system needs to do and what result you will wait for using such software solution.

If you are looking for the dispatching software primarily or improved scheduling software solution, or you need computer programs that allow generating the optimized routes or tracking the work orders and controlling the inventory levels, Prism Visual Software’s route accounting programs are the best solution for your company.

We were building our route managing system to comply with the next 10 criteria:

  1. the simplicity of installation and use; 
  2. a wide range of functionality; 
  3. connectivity with accounting software systems; 
  4. automation of the most business process; 
  5. work time saving; 
  6. availability of mobile application; 
  7. providing the reconciliation tools; 
  8. easy customization to meet clients specific needs; 
  9. scalability to handle a growing business needs; 
  10. customer support. 

We have grouped all our route accounting programs into three main packages:

What should customers expect from our route accounting programs?

  • efficient scheduling and dispatching; 
  • inbound and outbound call centers; 
  • customer and vendor management; 
  • inventory management and levels control; 
  • route map optimization; 
  • tracking work orders and mobile employees; 
  • running a variety of business reports, and much more.