Web Store

Prism Web Store allows connect with customers in a new way.

Connect with Customers in a Whole New Way

Keep up with industry leaders by showcasing products on Prism’s Web Store; a new way to virtually connect with customers. E-commerce is growing 23% annually and with the changing marketplace, Prism’s web store has the ability to increase product visibility and sales.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction with an Online Experience. Shoppers can:

  • Place orders from a desktop computer or a mobile device. The online store scales to any size desktop, tablet, or phone screen. 
  • Search products by categories, keywords, previous orders, special offers, and more. 
  • Browse products with multiple item images and product descriptions.
  • Re-order from previous orders with one click. 
  • Easily view active shopping cart and check-out to place the order. 
    • Indicate special delivery instructions.
  • Print orders and invoices.
  • Receive email alerts of orders, promotions, and updates. 
  • Browse the online store with, or without, logging in. 
    • Option to display or hide prices without logging in. 
    • Option to display or hide prices by the customer.

Increase Product Sales and Office Processing Efficiency:

  • Ease of navigation and product images allow for the higher conversion of sales.
  • Increase browse time and product exposure by grouping products by category/ sub-category. 
  • Provide easy call-to-action with clickable product banners and special ads. 
  • Take orders during non-business hours. 
  • Reduce inbound call traffic for office staff.

Incorporate Customer’s Ship-to Route Schedule Profiles:

  • Allow a single log-in to purchase products for multiple locations.
  • Route calendars can determine the delivery date of each order.
  • Assign orders via the visual dispatch board to the delivery driver or an unassigned column. 
  • Display online store customer-specific pricing and authorized product lists. 
  • Automatically add permanent delivery instructions to each order. 
  • Configure cut-off times for next-day delivery.
Increase product sales with Prism Web Store.