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You don't know how to reach more customers and increase your sales. Nowadays, e-Commerce is the most effective way to do that. The low financial cost, internationally selling, remote work, affordable employees, personalization of buying experience, retargeting, and potential income 24/7 are only a short list of benefits provided by the online store.

You may use internal marketing by selling through third-party sales channels like eBay, Amazon, and other larger brands. Such a way gives you easier shipping and logistics than if you had done it on your own. But this advantage comes with a huge risk to be closed. Moreover, to establish long-term relationships with customers you need to have direct communication with them. Third-party sales channels generally do not give such an opportunity.

If you want to have an online store with complete autonomy and resilience against copycat companies and products, create your own web store.

Web Customer designed by Prism Visual Software is toolkits that are attached to client websites and functions as a portal to existing customers. When the customer enters the portal with his/her password, the client site extends and connects the customer to new Prism-designed web pages, which look like the client's website.

Developed by Prism Visual Software Web Customer allows customers:

  • to submit new orders; 
  • to cancel made orders;
  • to download their invoices;
  • to accept payments; 
  • to check their orders' status;
  • to contact customer support.

Reduce unnecessary customer phone calls and give customers the convenience they want.

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