Warehouse Management System Provided by Prism Visual Software, Inc.

Use the warehouse management system to streamline  your business.

As known, a warehouse management system (WMS) is a software solution supporting the warehouse operations which the main purpose is an effective control and management of the materials and products movement within a warehouse. From the simple storage location functionality at the beginning, the warehouse management system has been evolved to complex high-end systems.

Relying on the manual data entry and paper-based the warehouse management compromises inventory accuracy and employees productivity. In еру other hand, using the warehouse management system allows companies to avoid inaccurate information and delayed access to information, difficulty locating items, mistaken shipments and late invoices, and other errors.

A comprehensive warehouse management system helps streamline the enterprise’s functions:

  • Full information about the company’s shipments that have been delivered, but are not yet at their final location.
  • Reducing the out-of-stocks and inefficient processes impacts.
  • Knowing each inventory location on the shelves.
  • Supporting various warehousing needs such as lot management, serial number tracking, product recalls, value-added services, and others.
  • Putting away items at low stock levels first.
  • Routing employees to the right location and setting up the proper orders pick up with the purpose of minimizing the travel time and improving the picking process productivity by using mobile devices.
  • Ensuring the accuracy of each picked order and reducing the material costs.
  • Providing control for each order: properly packaged, shipped to the right location, and delivered at the time.
warehouse management system

Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers its solution for warehouse management – ServQuest™ – a comprehensive, sophisticated, and intuitive desktop software package. Our ServQuest™ management system may be used by any company, but it matches the best to businesses from the service, delivery, and route sales industries. ServQuest™ not only provides the inventory checking, controlling and management, but the tracking equipment, generating service work orders, dispatching technicians, and more. Our warehouse management solution works across inventory, labor, space, and compliance. Moreover, it allows planning, optimizing and executing business operations by using proven technologies, including industry-specific management features and tools.

ServQuest™ is integrated with other our software products such as Prism Dispatch™, MiniMate™, and others as well as with the most popular accounting software such as AccountMate, QuickBooks, Sage, SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics. In addition to its sophisticated software design, features comprehensiveness, and user-friendliness, our warehouse management system is easily configurable for each industry.