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Lorraine Keating elected "Killer VAR" by Accounting Technology

Prism Visual Software, Inc., proudly announces that Lorraine Keating has been elected as a "Killer VAR" by Accounting Technology this month. Accounting Technology is a publishing leader for the accounting industry that recognizes a select number of "Killer VARs" each year. The award recognizes Lorraine for her outstanding success in bringing AccountMate into the field force automation industries. Entitled "Keep on Trucking," the article describes Lorraine's long-term commitment to excellence in technology and CRM, and summarizes Prism's AccountMate based-products, called "RoadQuest," "ServQuest," "ServMeter," "Point-of-Sale." The application, "MiniMate," written for the Palm/OS platform receives special mention in the write-up on our gentle Killer VAR. According to Lorraine, Prism plans "to offer as many of the field devices as a customer might prefer."

So, esteemed and potential customers, get in touch with your Prism-team and tell us what you need! Your Killer VAR Lorraine Keating can't wait to hear from you and to get her team busy serving your needs! And don't forget: Buy your own copy of the June Accounting Technology issue (call 800-260-2793) and read about this recent success of Prism Visual Software's Lorraine Keating.


Lorraine Keating
CEO, President
Prism Visual Software, Inc.