User-Friendly and Feature-Rich Prism Dispatch Software

Prism's dispatch software helps to organize and run business more efficiently by simplifying delivery scheduling, optimizing the delivery routes, cutting down on phone time, and reducing the companies expenses.

Having a great number of clients is one of the main keys to business success. But, it is no less important to be able to save the current customers, especially if your company performing pre-ordered and sold products or services. Your operators or dispatchers need to create daily schedules that consider all aspects, including customer locations and preferred time, available vehicles and drivers, and other important information. To do that manually is very difficult and even impossible, therefore, companies specializing in deliveries use dispatch software that allows them to automate the scheduling and dispatching processes.

Our company is the leading software provider developing solutions for small, middle-sized, and large organizations performing route sales, delivery, and equipment service. We have designed and built a wide range of computer programs, including mobile applications that help companies to organize and to run their business processes in the most effective way.

We were creating the Prism Dispatch™ in the firm belief that effective dispatching practice is based on the availability of accurate and holistic real-time information. Via a good installation, our user-friendly dispatch software solution enables its effective use. Our support team provides our customers with different services, including training and consultations; moreover, our clients have the ability to contact us anytime for support or in the case of emergency.

Prism Dispatch software is a feature-rich solution that gives users a wide range of benefits:

  • simplifying delivery scheduling, 
  • optimizing the delivery routes, 
  • reducing the companies expenses, including fuel and labor costs, 
  • tracking the real-time location of the field workers, 
  • cutting down on phone time, 
  • providing delivery drivers/service technicians and vehicles with more safety and security, 
  • increasing on-time delivery rates and customers’ satisfaction, 
  • improving customer service and generating more repeat business, 
  • preventing risky driver behaviors and reducing driver accidents, 
  • increase the field workers effectiveness, 
  • performing more deliveries with fewer resources,
  • simple integration with the company’s accounting system, and others.
Prism Dispatch software
Prism Visual Software's main products

Prism VS's software developments also include:

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  • dispatch and map optimization – Prism Dispatch™
  • customer relationship management (CRM) – ServQuest™
  • enterprise resource planning (ERP) – ServQuest™ 
  • warehouse management and inventory system – ServQuest™
  • mobile solutions – MiniMate™
  • web store – Web Customer
  • point of sale system – Point of Sale
  • web equipment service – Web Customer
  • web bill pay – Web Customer, and others.