Use the Dispatch App to be Competitive

Plan the work day of your drivers, route sales representatives, service technicians and other  field employees with the dispatch application.

If you want to:

  • optimize your mobile workforce, 
  • reduce the drive time, 
  • cut the labor and fuel costs, 
  • keep loads under control, 
  • serve more orders, 
  • improve your customers' experience our dispatch app is the right solution that will help you to be competitive.

You are in the right place...

Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers companies performing the field service the fast, convenient, and cost-effective dispatch app that is helpful for drivers, route sales representatives, service technicians as well as for other staff in the office and on the road.

Our dispatch app allows managers to efficiently plan the day's work of each field employee as provides:

  • the full control over the customer orders and orders fulfillment; 
  • the information about who from drivers are available and each driver safety rating; 
  • the information about the location of each vehicle and the vehicle status on such metrics as the engine status and fuel consumption; 
  • the information about the traffic conditions; 
  • the connection between the office and field workers; 
  • the work history and documentation; 
  • the easy adjusting the schedule as needed; 
  • the visibility and insight of the field service business activity; 
  • the monitoring field workers activity; 
  • automatically generating work orders and easily including emergency tickets. 

By using our dispatch software solution, you will be able to:

  • optimize routes with multiple stops; 
  • decrease business costs; 
  • reduce traffic violations; 
  • improve communications via desktops, laptops, tablet, smartphones, and other mobile devices; 
  • strengthen security and safety; 
  • increase employees productivity; 
  • improve customer service; 
  • be competitive on the market.
Plan and control the day's work with Prism VS's dispatch software