Use Task Management Software to Get More Done

Get more done with the task management software system.

Procrastination is a serious concern for many organizations. A lot of time management solutions have been developing by people for years. Since computers are widely used not only for personal but for business needs too, software solutions have become the major instrument that brings companies success and prosperity. One of the major keys to the achieving the business success is the ability to organize the business activity in an effective way without procrastination and with the least costs. Today, it is possible via using the task management software – a robust workflow tool that helps to organize and control the fulfillment of business process as a whole as well as the employee performance in each particular project and in each particular project task.

Project managers have a lot of responsibilities: planning, scheduling, running meetings, managing resources, analyzing reports, etc. and need to take into consideration many specific business aspects. To run a team of professionals (often a large team; amount of the team members is depended by the company's size and a scale of the project) and support their activity in the efficient for company way is difficult and, even impossible, without using computer programs; therefore, managers, even of the small companies, prefer to use the task management software.

Why is using the task management software so effective? Because it provides task managing on each particular step from start to finish: determining the project tasks, planning, scheduling, tracking progress, testing, reporting results. Today, a lot of software companies, from small ones to huge corporations, offer their task management solutions some from which are specially designed for individual industries such as distribution, manufacturing, delivery and so on. Prism Visual Software, Inc. – a leading software provider specializing on the development computer programs for organizations performing route and pre-order sales, delivery, and/or equipment service – provides its task management solution that consists of desktop – ServQuest™ – and mobile – MiniMate™ – applications for such companies.

Different task management software systems provide different features. Before making a decision about which one is the best for your company, you should make some research, and, first of all, you should know what features the task management software systems need to have to help you and your managers to organize your company’s workflow the most effective way. Contact your managers who directly determine the tasks of the project, assign them to your team members, establish deadlines, control the progress, gather and analyze the data. In order to choose the right task management software program that will help your managers to increase your employees’ efficiency, you need to know all specific aspects of your business process.

The basic functions your task management software system should have:

  • Defining and planning tasks.
  • Scheduling tasks - when a task will start and when should be finished. 
  • Setting up the tasks hierarchy – subtasks need to be established so the project can be completed correctly on time.
  • Assigning different responsibilities to your employees. 
  • Tracking tasks progress status to know whether a current project will be done in time.
  • Tasks reporting and analytics for future using on similar tasks.