Use Sales Tracking Software to Grow Your Business

Serve more customers with sales tracking software.

If you want to grow your business, you should find effective ways to improve your sales activities. One of the key aspects of performing successful sales is customer relationship management organized in the right way.

Do you manage your relationships manually, or does your current computerized system manage your relationships in a not effective way?

We can offer you an excellent software tool that can help you to manage your customer relationships and sales process. Easily customization helps our sales tracking software system fit the current business model of each company that has decided to be our client, moreover, allows tweaking contact management and sales tracking whenever when the business needs change.

Developed by our team software system includes desktop, mobile, and web applications that enable tracking the company’s sales efficiently and accurately, so sales managers can focus on supporting their sales teams.

The statistics built on detailed data help companies analyze and forecast their sales. In this case, companies can control the business situation and undertake actions needed to correct the business course long before a disaster happens.

Automate sales workflow and track every aspect of the sales process:

  • Inbound and outbound call tracking.
  • Email tracking.
  • Tracking customer touchpoints with the company throughout the sales journey.

The offered by Prism VS's sales tracking software system allows our clients:

  • to manage their contact list; 
  • to manage every single customer and a potential deal; 
  • to determine their customer performance; 
  • to manage their quote processes; 
  • to plan the resources and inventory requirements; 
  • to analyze the losses; 
  • to manage relationships with their vendors, customers, and staff; 
  • to manage the current deals; 
  • to analyze the closed deals and forecast future sales; 
  • to see and understand the historical data; 
  • to analyze and control the business outcome; 
  • to plan the strategy of business growth.

Start to use our sales tracking software system, and it will help you to improve your sales and customer relationships. Remember, the right customer relationship management (CRM) and tracking sales software systems help companies to be reactive and, even, proactive in managing their business activities that in one’s turn will result in business success.

You should know which actions drive your deals to close. This knowledge allows making those actions repeatable, and scalable that, in one's turn, enables optimizing your selling process. Only the right statistics can give you truthful information about actions that help to close sales deals.

The first step to successful sales is gathering the data.