Use Route Planning Software to Optimize Your Fleet Productivity

route scheduling

Do you want to take control of your fleet?

We can help you to ensure the work of your fleet at full capacity. The market-leading route scheduling software system developed by our professional team will help you to reach wished results in a short time.

Main our goal is to make your job easier.

Therefore, we have got an insight into the fleet activity and delivery drivers behavior, have learned well problems they meet every day when fulfilling their job, and have designed the unique software solution that helps to organize, plan, fulfill and control the work of each driver and each vehicle from the fleet.

From storages to delivery destinations throughout cross-country trucking hauls, our route scheduling software provides your staff with the data needed to put your delivery drivers team and vehicles to work effectively every day.

Data provided by Prism VS's route scheduling software:

  • real-time route status and compliance, 
  • detailed the turn-to-turn driving direction, 
  • real-time vehicle location, 
  • driver work hours, 
  • fuel consumption, 
  • vehicle maintenance records, 
  • schedule of delivery, 
  • fulfilled deliveries, 
  • history of customer and work orders, and more. 
Optimize Your Fleet Productivity with Route Scheduling Software

Key benefits of using Prism VS's route scheduling software:

 Prism Visual Software's route scheduling
  • eliminating manual processes; 
  • executing the perfect deliveries; 
  • reducing fleet operation malfunctions;
  • decreasing delivery disruptions; 
  • staying ahead of the new and changing regulations; 
  • increasing drivers' safety and reducing insurance costs; 
  • reducing delivery costs; 
  • making intelligent business decisions; 
  • increasing fleet productivity and the number of served customers; 
  • improving customer satisfaction and the company's recognition; 
  • enhancing investment returns and the company's revenue; 
  • facilitating business growth.