Use Route Planner App To Optimize Routes and Improve Your Business

Prism Visual Software's route planner software helps to improve your business.

Does your business concern the route sales, deliveries or other activities regarding long trips or servicing customers at their locations?

Do you want to reduce your business costs and increase each of your employee’s productivity?

We can help you to solve both problems in an easy way.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers the route planner – a unique software solution that enables:

  • reducing business costs and 
  • increasing business efficiency.
Reduce your business costs with Prism VS's route planner software.

You can ask, “How can your route planner app help to decrease the business costs?”

The answer is very easy. Developed by our professional software team the route planner app allows in an easy way to plan, optimize, and control your routes with the multiple stops.

We especially designed our software solution, so it gives users full information about:

  • how many miles the optimized route consists, 
  • how many hours it takes to pass the full distance, 
  • how much fuel it is necessary to arrive at all needed locations.

So, you can control the mileage, needed time and gasoline. These three components of the business costs you can easily reduce by optimizing routes with our route planner app.

Increase your business efficiency with Prism VS's route planner.

The answer to the question, “How can your route planner app help to increase the business efficiency?” is easy too. Our software route planner app optimizes the routes with multiple stops.

Our software solution allows companies:

  • to create reliable multi-destination routes; 
  • to save employees work time; 
  • to maximize destination miles; 
  • to serve more customers; 
  • to make better decisions; 
  • to run the everyday business smoothly; 
  • decrease business expenses and more.

Each of the listed effects positively results in business efficiency.

route optimization software solution

Route Planning

Daily Route
Plot a daily route with the time windows.
Multiple Routes
Plan multiple routes simultaneously.
Multi-Stop Route
Create tasks for single pickup and multiple drop-offs.

Route Optimization

Daily Route
Optimize the daily route by the shortest distance.
Multiple Routes
Optimize multiple routes simultaneously.
Multi-Stop Route
Optimize a route with multiple stops.
Stops Reassigning
Reassign stops from one route to another route.
Auto Optimization
Automatic optimization of routes affected by changes.
Dispatch to Drivers
Send work orders with optimized routes to drivers.

Route Tracking

Customer Location
Geocode the exact customer location for delivery.
Live Geolocation
See real-time truck geolocation and activity in the field.
Route Replay
Know truck location any time with the route history.
Real-Time Weather
See the current weather on the interactive map.
Route Playback
Review previous days by playback any route.
Data Visualization
View customers and trucks in the selected location.