Use Promotion Software to Improve Your Sales Activities

Promotion Software

Companies use different strategies to increase their sales.

Promotion software helps to plan, organize, perform, and control all promotional activities:

  • Personal selling – the costly form of promotion that consists of face-to-face communication.
  • Advertising – a form of promotion that costs less than personal selling as is an impersonal method of communication:
    • television advertisement, 
    • magazines advertisement, 
    • radio advertisement,
    • online advertisement, 
    • outdoor signage.
  • Promotions – short-term marketing activities that provide consumers and retailers with additional incentives to purchase goods and services: 
    • price deal – a temporary reduction in the price, 
    • couponing
    • online couponing
    • loyal reward programs – collecting points for purchases and redeeming them for rewards; 
    • discounts.
  • Direct marketing – communicating with individual target clients: 
    • telemarketing – contacting customers by phone to offer product or service; 
    • direct mail – posting mail to customers with catalogs, intelligent documents, postcards, and other promotion of the company's products and services; 
    • email marketing – sending e-newsletters, business updates, and promotional emails; 
    • text marketing – sending SMS with specials offers, links to the website, and others; 
    • direct selling – selling products and services like homes, offices, cafes, and other not the retail outlet places; 
    • leaflets distribution – an inexpensive way of reaching customers. 
digital marketing
  • Online marketing – an effective way to attract new customers and build stronger relationships with existing clients: o websites, o social media, o online advertisement. 
  • Publicity – creating public relations (PR) with the purpose to attract new customers and reinforce the loyalty of existing clients. 
  • Sampling – giving a sample of consumer products is an effective way of introducing new products to consumers. 

This is only a shortlist of marketing techniques that can be used for increasing sales of products and services. Planning, managing, fulfilling, and controlling all of these promotional activities require high time and labor costs. Promotion software is a tool that can help to keep all information in one system and manage all processes.