Use Prism Visual Software’s CRM Software

The best customer relationship management - CRM software system

Prism Visual Software, Inc. is a software company that mainly specializes in designing and developing desktop and mobile applications for organizations performing pre-order, delivery, route sales, and equipment service. We have built a range of computer programs that allow companies to automate and computerize their business processes.

Today, we can offer our current and potential clients the next software solutions: route accounting, inbound and outbound call centers, customer relationship management - CRM system, route book, inventory management, and control, equipment management, scheduling, route optimization, direct store delivery (DSD) analytics, quick service ticket, truck replenishment and key performance indicator (KPI) reporting, and others.

Prism VS’s CRM software allows the company’s managers to know:

  • full information about each customer: contact, location, purchases, needs, preferences (products, delivery time, etc.), and more;
  • which customer needs the most/immediately assistance;
  • which sales representative or delivery drivers/equipment technician can provide customer assistance in the best and fastest way;
  • the particular project’s profitability and each employee efficiency;
  • how is the company's sales and/or service activity translated into its profits and revenues

So, developed and provided by our software and accounting professionals the customer relationship management system (CRM system) gives its users the key to business success.

If you want to have a successful business, contact us today, and we will supply you with the powerful tool that:

  • helps to keep old customers happy and to get new ones;
  • helps to build and maintain relationships with people from whom your business success depends;
  • enables tracking of all customers data from contact information to purchases history;
  • enables fulfilling customer account support;
  • gives reminds about important tasks;
  • helps get rid of the chaos in business activities;
  • allows eliminating manual processes and enables automatically generating customers profiles;
  • enables streamlining business processes.

For many years, we have been investigating how the route sales, pre-order, delivery, and equipment service businesses work and since the founding of our company, have been pursuing a single goal to give our clients a full set of information management features that enable establishing and maintaining customer relationships easier and in the most effective way.

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