Use Prism’s Business Management Software to Simplify and Grow Your Company

Small business management software helps companies to grow.

Small business as middle-sized or large one needs to be well organized for being successful. Certainly, small business owners cannot buy expensive software that large companies use for organizing, managing, and controlling their activities. We understand difficulties small business meet every day. Therefore, our team has developed software solutions easy to use and affordable even for not big companies.

Our small business management software solutions can benefit any company, but the biggest advantages give organizations performing field service, including route sales, deliveries, equipment service, or other. We have designed our computerized solutions so organizations can purchase a full set as well as its parts that are comprehensive packages enabling fulfillment some defined functions.

Our small business management software solution consists of three main packages:

Any field service relates to the management of small business resources used on the route or at the client property. Regardless your company provides property maintenance (landscaping, office and home cleaning, irrigation, or other), utilities (gas, electricity, fuel, or water), telecommunications, healthcare, or other services, you need to manage your worker (route sales representatives, drivers, service technicians, engineers, nurses, and other employees) activity. Designed by our professional developers ServQuest™ desktop software package is a complex route management solution that allows simplifying many field service business processes from the call center and scheduling to inventory management.

The field service cannot be perfect without well-organized dispatching. Prism Dispatch™ is a time-saving software tool that enables dispatchers to define the optimized delivery routes and features of delivery at the right time. With Prism Dispatch™ planning the day’s work of mobile employees is much easier as it allows to adjust the schedule and easy include emergency tickets any time as it is needed.

As we already told, field service workers perform their responsibilities on the route or at the customer property, therefore ensuring their safety is a very important aspect of managing their activities. For this purpose, we have developed the MiniMate™ mobile application for computing handheld devices (smartphones, tablets, printers, rugged computers, and any other device running on the Android operating system) which mobile workers can use on the route. MiniMate™ is a unique mobile software that provides real-time data for field service workers and allows them to provide service anywhere anytime even without the Internet connection via the standalone database on the handheld device. It also enables tracking mobile workers location and time as well as guiding them with standard Operating procedures and surveys.

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