Use Prism’s Route Accounting Software with the Sage ERP System

Sage ERP helps managing purchases, inventory, finances, and more.

Sage ERP system helps organizations to manage:

  • Purchasing – makes buying smarter via tracking the process from creating the purchase order to delivery. 
  • Inventory – the real-time monitoring inventory quantities enables ensuring the optimal effectiveness of the business activities. 
  • Manufacturing – supports and provides control of the various manufacturing processes. 
  • Sales – provides fast and easy access to the products' information such as price, discounts, etc. and allows managing of the sales process in the most effective way. 
  • Customer service – allows understanding of customer activity and providing exceptional service. 
  • Finances – helps to control all the company’s financial operations.

The purpose of any enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, including Prism’s and Sage ERP systems, is simplifying the company’s business operations.

Moreover, Sage ERP provides companies with the information needed for making fast and strategic decisions.

Prism’s route accounting software system is developed especially for organizations performing route and pre-order sales, delivery and equipment service and is easily customized and integrated with accounting software systems, including Sage. So, if your business is concerned with delivery products or services or with the pre-order or route sales, using Sage ERP and Prism’s route accounting software solutions together will give your company the maximum amount of benefits, including:

  • within two software systems, you will be able to accelerate your main business processes, including purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, sales, customer service, and financial operations; 
  • those software systems will help you to foster business collaboration, including connections between your employees and customers as well as between your partners and suppliers. The common data source will also help to streamline your business workflows and to improve communications; 
  • you will have the real-time analytical reports and, as a result, will have greater insights into your business operational performance and costs; 
  • convenient access to needed information from mobile devices provides the ability to know critical data; moreover, allows to check inventory, approve purchases, take customer orders, and see KPIs;
  • ability to export, synchronize and manipulate data; 
  • specialized for your industry's requirements and customized for the unique company's needs, allow to meet the particular organization's necessaries; 
  • integration with the other software solutions, including Sage packages, Prism’s applications, popular accounting systems, and more.
Accelerate your business processes with Prism’s Route Accounting Software with the Sage ERP System