Use Prism VS’s MiniMate™ Application Along with the Sage Solutions

Use MiniMate mobile application for handheld devices together with Sage software solutions.

If your organization performing route sales, deliveries, pre-order or/and equipment service, Prism Visual Software, Inc. can offer you the software solutions that the best meet your business needs, as our company specializes in designing and developing computer programs for such companies. Our professionals are continually studying our clients’ necessities; we always know what solutions are available on the market, and how they differ from ones developed by our software team. We always strive to keep up with the times and do use the newest technologies.

We understand how it is important for a company regardless of its size to find the right software that satisfies the business requirements, allows automating and computerizing business processes and at the same time, is easily integrated with the used an accounting system. Therefore, we have designed our products so they are easily integrated with the most popular accounting software, including Sage software solutions.

Prism VS’s software is integrated with any Sage management solutions this company provides for small and medium-sized business:

  • Managing accounting and finance
  • Managing entire business
  • Managing employees and payroll
  • Accept payments

Today, we can offer drivers, equipment technicians, and route sales representatives our award-winning mobile application – MiniMate™ – that is indispensable for our office workers.

MiniMate™ mobile application allows to:

  • spend less time on work time tracking and billing, but more time on the business activity
  • go paperless and solve operational inefficiencies, and increase business effectiveness
  • know the last-minute orders and changes that are automatically updated
  • have real-time data anytime and from anywhere

Regardless of what you are going to do (provide accounting and bookkeeping, or enterprise resource planning, or process payments, or pay your employees) and your accounting and bookkeeping needs (global company management, or advanced accounting, or simple accounting or inventory management), you can use Sage software to manage your business activities. Provided by us applications can also be used by different organizations, but the most effective they are for companies fulfilling the route sales, pre-order, products and service deliveries.

As each our software application, MiniMate™ is easy to use and easily integrated with the Sage software via our Order Connector that synchronizes the accounting software to MiniMate™ mobile app.

MiniMate™ mobile application