Use Prism VS’s Inventory Software to Streamline Your Inventory Control Process

Prism's inventory software provides a number of helpful features.

The main goal of using the inventory software system is the ability to automate the process of collecting inventory information across the organization.

Our company offers the inventory software system that includes the ServQuest™ desktop and MiniMate™ mobile packages and works with the desktop and handheld devices, including smartphones, tablets, barcode scanners, and printers and allows organizations to automate and streamline the processes of their inventory control and management.

MiniMate™ developed for mobile computers gives field and warehouse workers mobility and freedom. It is a unique tool that helps to create a more efficient inventory system. Workers can quickly go to the warehouse where inventory is located (instead of bringing inventory to the personal computer in the office) and there fast add or remove inventory. MiniMate™ is also indispensable for delivery drivers, equipment service technicians, and route sales representatives as help them to fulfill their everyday work.

Prism VS’s inventory software enables the streamlining inventory control process by providing features that allow companies to perform:

  • managing of the multi-located warehouses; 
  • customers and suppliers management; 
  • purchase order management; 
  • barcoding; 
  • inventory tracking and updating in real-time.

By using our ServQuest™ and MiniMate™ comprehensive inventory software system, any company can minimize the inventory shrinkage and stock-outs. Regardless of you are going to track products used for selling to customers or materials to perform a customer service, our inventory software solution will give you many advantages.

Prism VS’s inventory software
Prism VS's inventory software features

Advantages of using Prism VS's inventory software:

  • standardizing inventory control tasks; 
  • ability to manage the inventory located in multiple warehouses; 
  • reducing the work time needed for inventory control; 
  • effective tracking the products and materials quantities in their locations; 
  • using barcode scanners; 
  • eliminating data entry errors; 
  • increasing accuracy in inventory control; 
  • eliminating under-stock and over-stock situations; 
  • reducing the risk of overselling;
  • eliminating the inventory write-offs; 
  • establishing strong relationships with suppliers;
  • real-time information about the items locations and current inventory levels; 
  • reducing the business costs, including hardware, inventory carrying, and labor ones;
  • warehouse employees and field staff mobility;
  • well-organized warehouses;
  • easy invoices process;
  • integrating with the company’s accounting and other software systems;
  • accurate planning and more profitable business decisions;
  • providing greater customer service;
  • increased sales and higher profits.