Use Prism’s Dispatch Software to Enable the Field Force

Use dispatch software solution to improve the field force

Dispatch management is a critical component of the business activities any company specializing in delivering goods or services. In many respects, the success of such companies depends on managing the field service personnel. Dispatching software used in the field service must be based on the strong built-in scheduling criteria to be able to automate the scheduling process.

For companies performing route sales and deliver products or services, Prism Visual Software, Inc. has developed the special software module – Prism Dispatch™ – the visual dispatching and route map optimization software.

Prism Dispatch™ makes it easy:

  • to plan the day’s work via moving drivers and their jobs to the available time slots,
  • to adjust the schedule as needed by dragging the image to the desired spot,
  • to include emergency tickets,
  • to display color-coded geographic areas via daily, weekly and monthly options,
  • to optimize the delivery routes for each driver and working day,
  • to define the time of the delivery,
  • to assign tickets to the dispatch board during their generating,
  • to review the ticket status,
  • to organize the dispatch board by driver, route, emergency status or crew,
  • to display the driver’s activities for the selected day, week or month,
  • to decrease the paperwork needed for business running, and more.

We offer you a time-saving, reliable and attractive way to dispatch your delivery drivers, route sales representatives, and service technicians. Developed by us dispatch software is flexible and able to handle the changeable priorities and exceptions as well as the dispatching or scheduling issues that can arise during the workday. Easy-to-use Prism Dispatch™ enables companies to quickly and professionally make delivery the sold or pre-ordered products and services.

With our Prism Dispatch™, you will be able:

  • to automate the scheduling process,
  • to simplify your dispatching operators' daily task of scheduling deliveries,
  • to create compact and dense schedules,
  • to save your time and money,
  • to improve your customers’ satisfaction and loyalty,
  • to increase your company’s productivity.

We also offer the MiniMate™ mobile application that is developed specially for smartphones, tablets and handheld devices to be used out of the office by the delivery drivers, route salespeople, and equipment service technicians.

Prism Dispatch software solution