Use MiniMate™ for Your Route Sales

MiniMate mobile application for route sales

MiniMate™ provided by Prism Visual Software, Inc. is an award-winning mobile application for Android smartphones and tablets and Windows handheld devices used by delivery drivers, route sales representatives, and service technicians. This wireless handheld application is a constituent part of the Prism’s route accounting software developed for pre-order delivery, route sales, and equipment service businesses. It is easy to integrate with the most popular off-the-shelf accounting system including QuickBooks, AccountMate, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, and others.

Using MiniMate™ by the route sales personnel allows maximizing company’s sales as our mobile route accounting application for handheld devices assists sales staff from the beginning to the end of the working day.

MiniMate™ can be used by route sales representatives to:

  • Calculate truck loading from the route sales history
  • Load items and barcodes
  • Offer truck loading one or two days in advance to be adjusted
  • Know the actual truck loading
  • Control the truck overfilling for the purpose to eliminate its shrinkage
  • Know routes and locations
  • Use Google Maps
  • See data on the past and averages route sales
  • Know daily route stops in the optimal sequence order along with the order for each stop
  • Track the route sales worker location and time
  • Set a minimum price for each individual item with the password needed to override
  • Define the street pricing for every customer (any product can have a different price for the different customers).
  • Calculate taxes, including exceptions
  • Calculate promotions and discounts based on the purchase
  • Scan barcodes of the sold products
  • Collect signatures and payments via cash, credit card, or check
  • Take pre-orders for the next delivery
  • Email or print invoices and receipts to a mobile printer or site
  • Make pre-trip and post-trip inspection
  • Complete a tickets survey
  • Record notes of the stops
  • Enter customers questions and route sales staff answer as numeric, text, or drop-down selections
  • Reconcile inventory and money at the end of the working day
  • Generate invoices from the personal digital assistant (PDA) data
  • Collect past-due customers to alert the route sales staff
  • Work without an Internet connection
MiniMate mobile application