Prism VS's Inventory Tracking Software - the Right Solution for Your Business

 Inventory tracking software features

Inventory is the different materials, work-in-progress goods and final products that companies sell to produce revenue. Without inventory selling, companies do not have money coming in. One of the main keys to running a profitable business is efficient inventory management and control, and, at the same time, poor inventory management is one of the top reasons why small businesses are failing.

No one company can have an efficient business without accurate accounting and tracking its inventory; or in other words, without knowing how much inventory it has and where its inventory is located. Without this information, companies don't know what they need to complete incoming and future customer orders. To have a successful business, any owner needs to accurately track every bought and sold the product because whenever you buy and/or sell goods, your inventory quantities are changed, and you always need to have the updated information about which products or/and materials you have in stock, which are sold and which are ordered.

The days of inventory tracking with pencil and paper are gone. Now, organizations can use various systems that are based on barcodes or radio-frequency identification (RFID) to see full information about when their products have shipped and where they are located now when shipments come in and more.

Prizm Visual Software, Inc. has developed the inventory managing software that consists of desktop and mobile applications that allow the tracking and managing the company's inventory, organizing the goods sales, purchasing materials, and other business processes. By using our inventory tracking software, you will be able to reduce your time and efforts that were previously spent on the inventory manual tracking and focus on analyzing your business productivity and finding effective ways for your business growing.

Prism VS’s proper inventory management software features:

  •  quick access to the inventory and suppliers information
  •  managing multiple suppliers located in one or more warehouses
  •  monitoring inventory movement within a warehouse
  •  lot tracking
  •  creating inventory and shipping barcode labels
  •  barcode reading
  •  real-time inventory valuation
  •  inventory tracking
  •  inventory level control
  •  viewing and reporting inventory history
  •  defining automatic reorder points
  •  processing customer returns
  •  integrating with the accounting software system
  •  inventory data reporting
  •  demand forecasting and inventory optimization
Prism VS’s proper inventory management software

For the more effective inventory management, organize your materials or/and products with categories and add to your description images and prices. Also, create reports about your total sales and the best-selling items.