Use Inventory Scanning System to Improve Your Small Business

inventory scanning

Inventory scanning system that includes two components – hardware and software – and is based on the wireless and identification technologies makes inventory control faster and more accurate.

With Prism VS’s inventory scanning system, companies, including small ones, can:

  • Reduce data errors – barcodes scanning eliminates manual data entry and, as a result, database updates without errors with automated data entry.
  • Keep tracking inventory – end-to-end tracking of every item from inventory is possible by easy scanning a barcode on the go. 
  • Have the centralized inventory database – all information received from barcodes is sent to the central database that gives a total stock view and details about every warehouse. 
  • Organize inventory – the automated barcoding system helps to organize inventory in the warehouse(s), so any item can be found in seconds. 
  • Eliminate the manual:
    • cost-effective data entry – as a machine-readable representation of data, a barcode describes the object that carries this barcode. Scanned by a special scanner – a barcode reader – a code is sent to the decoder which interprets received signal, validates the barcode, and converts it into the text; 
    • items counting – barcode scanning enables an effective physical inventory count with fewer resources and higher accuracy; 
    • record-keeping – a quick scan of the barcode does every information needed to fill out a report which will be created in a few seconds. 
  • Work more efficiently – a handheld scanner guides warehouse personnel with exact instructions about every item's location that allows preventing multiple trips to the same area of the warehouse. 
  • Reduce write-offs – barcode technology significantly reduces the over shipment, under shipment, and the wrong order due to data entry errors. 
  • Faster and more accurate process orders – barcode technology allows automating and optimizing work processes that make orders fulfillment faster and more accurate. 
  • Provide accurate inventory counts – annual manual inventory counting with pen and paper with barcodes can be transformed into a fast and accurate process by using handheld mobile scanners. 
  • Support the right stock level – the real-time data received with barcode scanning allows preventing the overstocks and stockouts situations. 
  • Lower overhead - supporting the right stock level help to decrease inventory levels and lower overhead. 
  • Make better business decisions – with correct inventory data collected and updated in real-time, managers can correctly assess the situation and make faster and more informed business decisions.
Prism VS’s inventory scanning system

Do the job quickly and well with the inventory scanning system.