Use ERP Software to Increase Your Business Profits

The ERP software helps to increase the business profits.

Today, companies are under serious competition and can be successful in the market in the case of making fast and smart decisions only. To achieve the market share and increasing sales volume and profits, companies need all the time to modify their marketing elements: price, product and service, distribution, and promotion. Without the accurate, complete, up-to-the-minute data, companies can't make timely decisions. The right people from your company must have immediate access to the right data; only, in this case, your business will grow the smart way.

It is not surprising that in the atmosphere of high competition, companies need to have a solution that can help them to manage their business activities. Such a solution is the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that allows companies not

only to manage their business but to automate most business functions too.

These days, diverse software providers offer ERP solutions some from which are designed for use by large businesses and require dedicated specialists to customize and analyze the data and to handle upgrades. Prism Visual Software, Inc. develops lightweight ERP software solutions for companies perform pre-order delivery, route sales, and/or equipment service; further to industry’s business, our applications are customized to each concrete company to meet its technical capabilities and specific needs.

The powerful integrated capabilities of ERP software provided by Prism Visual Software, Inc. enable companies:

  • Manage their inventory levels with the purpose to reduce overhead and optimize turns.
  • Have real-time control over the production costs and work orders.
  • Improve the accuracy of financial and customer data.
  • Faster respond to the changing customer demands and improve provided services.
  • Facilitate better sales, deliveries, and services planning.
  • Manage human resources and automate employees’ work.
  • Assess business needs and reduce redundant tasks.
  • Standardize critical business procedures.
ERP software features

Prism Visual Software’s ERP software is a system of integrated applications: desktop and mobile. Our award-winning mobile application for handheld devices, MiniMate™, allows your business running with no limit to just your office. To be competitive, you need to have access to your business management and ERP system from anywhere, and our MiniMate™ app gives you this possibility.

Now, your mobile workers (drivers, salespeople, and technicians) can be equipped with the contact and delivery information, sales and sales history, current equipment and equipment history, account balances, invoices, and other. Our ERP software solution will help you to increase your business profits by identifying inefficiencies, optimizing supply chain and productivity.