Use Easy Accounting Software Together with Prism’s Computer Programs

Prism's computerized products integrate with easy accounting software systems.

How well do you manage your business activities, including a financial one, with the current software?

Fierce competition and diminishing profit margins are not rare occurrences. That means any business owner, especially a small business owner, needs to have accurate tools for tracking and calculating the cost of products and services, labor and profits.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. has more twenty years of experience assisting companies performing route sales, delivery, pre-order, equipment, and other field services.

Our professional software team works hard to design and develop the best route accounting software solutions, so our current clients can focus on what they love to do. We help businesses from different industries to receive software designed to make their day-to-day business activities more efficient.

The distinctive feature of our company is an individual approach to each company and each project. We closely work with each client with the purpose to better study specifics of its business activity, the company's needs in special software features, and demands to software solutions. We always strive to design our computer programs, so they easy in use and do not require special software skills and knowledge. After training during the implementation phase, our easy route accounting software system can be used by any employee.

Moreover, we design each our desktop software and mobile application in the way they are easily integrated with not only easy accounting software but comprehensive accounting systems such as Sage, SAP, QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, and AccountMate too. Using easy accounting software with our route accounting solution gives organizations specialized in the delivery of pre-ordered goods, route sales, equipment service or other field services much more benefits.

We have grouped all our computer programs into two main packages each from which simply integrates with the easy accounting software system:

  • ServQuest™ desktop software includes many different modules designed to support delivery, sales, and service operations. ServQuest™ is the mediator between accounting and mobile operations. Designed to serve the organizing, planning, and reporting such business activities as route sales, pre-order, delivery, equipment service, and other field services, ServQuest™ provides a wide range of needful and useful features. The main features: include inventory control, equipment management, scheduling, inbound and outbound call centers, route book and route map optimization, quick service ticket, truck replenishment, key performance indicator (KPI) reporting, and other. 
  • MiniMate™ mobile application developed for delivery drivers, route sales representatives, and service technicians to reduce back-office call, eliminate paper trails and streamline their mobile operations. MiniMate™ runs on smartphones, tablets and other mobile handheld devices on both Android and Windows operating systems. This powerful application provides a wide range of features and functionalities, including asset exchanges, including inventory control, site surveys, DOT inspections, barcode scanning, physical count, picture attachments, signatures capturing, payments collecting, printing and emailing statements and invoices, and other.