Use Direct Store Delivery Software to Drive Delivery Effectiveness

Improve your business effectiveness with the direct store delivery software system

Direct store delivery (DSD) is the best method of selling for a wide range of industries, especially for companies performing food, beverage, and products of home personal care sales. Therefore, DSD is continually showing its important role in the retail trade and tendency to power growth. It is not surprising because DSD offers unique opportunities for both retailers and suppliers. From the one hand, this form of service is the suppliers' obligation to deliver to shoppers what they are needed, when they are needed on the individual store basis. From another hand, DSD unleashes for retailers an exceptional opportunity to grow by increasing the store volume, improving the margin of sold products, improving the trade efficiency and promotional activity, and acceleration of the working capital.

For the past years, more and more companies prefer a computerized method of managing and controlling their business activities instead of the manual one. The same situation is with delivering ordered products and services. Prism’s team for years has been studying the DSD specificity with the purpose to help our clients to improve their business operations. As a result of our research and work, we can offer customers our solution that includes both desktop and mobile software packages designed to meet the needs and requirements of deliveries businesses and to give companies new opportunities and possibilities.

Our ServQuest™ desktop software package and MiniMate™ mobile application are geared toward improving the delivery process by its streamlining and improving the field workers efficiency. Today, among users of our DSD software we have companies from more than thirty industries. It is because DSD plays an important role in bringing new goods to the market and providing variety in the stores. It enables quick sensing of customers' preferences, streamlines the delivery process, minimizes store out-of-stock conditions, and guarantees that delivered to the store goods are placed on the shelf.

Today, we are in the fast-moving world, in which both retailers and suppliers need to battle for the heart of customers. The software is a tool that can help in their competitive fighting. We offer DSD suppliers solution that among other functions provides route mapping and optimization. Using routing optimization and wireless technologies enable delivering an order in a few times faster than traditional retail delivery systems that may take up to several days from order placement to the order delivery.

Use our direct store delivery software if you want to:

  • have fresh and high-quality products
  • provide the quickly goods supplement
  • drive delivery effectiveness
  • improve the customer experience
  • accelerate the time to market for new products and more.
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