Use CRM Software that Grows Together with Your Business

CRM software helps companies to grow their business.

Does your CRM software system meet your business needs? To give an answer to this question, first of all, you should understand what a CRM software system is and how it should help your business. CRM – customer relationship management – software is a set of computer programs that enable an organization to manage all their interactions and relationships with their current and potential customers.

The CRM’s capabilities vary from system to system, but any of them is designed for compiling information about customers from different points of contact between the company and customer such as the phone call, company’s website, direct mail, live chat, social media, and marketing campaigns. Moreover, the CRM software system can collect detailed customers' personal information, orders' history, buying preferences, and concerns. All customer information is consolidated by CRM software system into a single database that gives customer managers or other company workers easy access to full information about the customer.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers customer relationship management software that meets the business needs and requirements of organizations which business activities are concerned with route sales, pre-order sales, deliveries, or equipment service. We closely contact and, even, work together with our clients to better understand their problems and to find the best ways of solving those problems via automatization of their business activities as more as possible.

Benefits of using our scalable CRM software solution that grows together with your business:

  • supporting marketing, pre-order and route sales, delivery, and customer service teams via recording every company’s interaction with customers;
  • having access to the real-time customer data anywhere and anytime and easy sharing information across mobile platforms;
  • organizing and automating communications with customers across all company’s customer-facing departments as well as other sales process;
  • easy customization and integration with the company’s software solutions such as Sage accounting and Sage CRM systems.
  • easy to use and avoiding customer data errors;
  • growing relationships with customers and improving customer service;
  • eliminating many manual daily tasks, including scheduling sales calls;
  • ensuring the company's staff spend less time on administration and more on profitable opportunities;
  • enabling companies to plan the targeted marketing campaigns;
  • generating reports that help managers make informed decisions;
  • helping route and pre-order sales business become more productive and profitable;
scalable CRM software solution

Sage CRM system designed for small and middle-sized companies and is the insightful and adaptable solution that integrates with other Sage products such as Sage ERP system, Sage HR, and payroll solutions, Sage accounting and bookkeeping software, Sage business management solutions, and others.