Why Use Contact Center Software? (8 Main Reasons)

Main reasons to use the contact center software

3 Types of call centers:

  1. Inbound. An inbound call center handles inbound calls exclusively. 
  2. Outbound. An outbound call center handles outbound calls exclusively. 
  3. Blended. A blended call center handles both inbound and outbound calls.

Efficiently operating any of inbound, outbound, or blended call center requires the corresponding call center management software (or contact center software). Regardless of every type of call centers benefit various businesses in different ways, the inbound, outbound and blended call centers are mainly used for the same reasons.

8 Main reasons to use the contact center software:

#1. Optimizing operators’ activity. Contact center software enables fewer agents to handle more calls via organizing and automating the call center processes.

#2. Monitoring agents’ activity. Tracking the operators’ activity gives a full picture of their performance. Having accurate, real-time information about when operators are working and sitting idle, the campaign agents are actively calling for, the duration of inbound and outbound calls and other insightful information helps managers to define the top members of the call center team.

#3. Customizing campaigns. Customizing the call routing in the way, so customers speak with specific operators based on skill level, availability, and other parameters can help to easier convert customers to sales.

#4. Organizing leads. Organizing leads properly helps to build better relationships with potential clients. Tracking the lead statuses and call results allows making the right decision about the next appropriate action.

#5. Remote controlling. The contact center software enables extra freedom in managing the call center. Mobile management through the Internet connection gives more options to run a business.

#6. Insightful reporting. The real-time reports give full information about the call center campaign, customers' activity, operators' performance, and more that are needed for efficient analysis and forecasting.

#7. Increasing sales. Redirection the customers to the right agents that better know about the sales situation, concrete customer and products he/she is interested in is one of the main keys that help to convert customers into sales.

#8. Saving money. Optimizing the call center representatives' activity allows fewer operators to serve more customers and as a result, to save business costs.

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