Types of Maps that can be created with the Various Map Software

The main types of the map software

Map software is widely used by different businesses from small companies to huge corporations. Today, there are a lot of software providers who offer mapping solutions with different features. You can find mapping software allowing the creation of diverse maps that can be used for your business needs.

Different businesses have different needs and requirements to map software. Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers the mapping suite to companies performing route sales, pre-order, deliveries, and/or equipment services. Our mapping solution is designed especially for creating optimized routes and allows our clients to save millions of miles and, as a result, to save their time and money.

Fully integration with Prism VS's ServQuest™ allows sending all work tickets to the map for daily route optimization and utilizing the mapping activities. And powering by Bing Maps enables reducing drivers' inefficiency on the route and increasing the accountability of all field workers.

Most Known and Used Map Types

  • Pin maps show plots with a geographic location that is contained in the data such as a country, state, zip code, street, or others. Some pin maps can provide creating complex visualizations of different levels of data impacting the business activities that are expressed on the map by different colors or icons.
  • Heat maps. On this map, colors and shades are used to reveal levels of the data occurrence in the geographic areas. As a rule, the high level of data occurrence is expressed by a dark shade and the low levels are expressed by lighter shades.
  • Territory maps created by combining existing geographic boundaries.
  • Color-coded maps. This map has different colored areas where each color represents a defined value. It makes it easy to see independent geographic areas.
  • Radius maps. This map shows datasets within the radius circles. Usually, it is possible to use various datasets on the same map that makes radius maps great for planning and achieving greater business efficiencies.
  • Bubble maps allow discovering and revealing data trends in a fast, simple, and effective way. A bubble can represent anything. These maps summarize data derived from different geographic areas and reduce it to a single expression. The large bubble the higher the data occurrence.
  • Route planning maps. This map creates an optimized route with multiple stops. The optimized route map defines which of the routes is the most efficient between stops.
  • Interactive maps – web-based maps with clickable points. The interactive map can be a pin map as well as the radius map, territory map, route map, or bubble map.

map types

Plotting business data on a map gives companies to leverage their spreadsheet data in a dynamic way. If you want your business is competitive, you should keep up with the times. Do not wait before your competitors will go a long way; use new technologies that are available today on the market. With the online (interactive) map software, you always will have access to your maps and reports.