2 Main Goals of Using a Bookkeeping Software Program

Computerized bookkeeping programs give allow getting two main goals.

The main goals of using a bookkeeping software program by small organizations:

  • tracking the company's income and expenses for the purpose of improving the opportunity of making a profit; 
  • collecting financial information about the company's business activities to file tax registration papers and returns.

Exhaustive summaries of the company's expenses and income create the basis of the accounting process. Regardless of whether a company makes an accounting by using computerized bookkeeping programs or on hand-posted ledgers, each its business activity such as sale or purchase must be backed by some record. Each record contains the date, amount, and other relevant information about the business operation or activity.

The amounts and dates from receipts for purchases and sales should be transferred (posted) into the ledger or computerized bookkeeping program on a regular basis. The more expenditures and sales company does, the more often its bookkeeper(s) should post information from receipts to the ledger or computerized bookkeeping program. Summary of the company's expenditures and revenues allows answering specific questions such as whether the company is making a profit, how much and other.

Another important aspect of successful business management is its financial reports. Financial reports can combine several key pieces of the company's financial information about its business activity and give information into a form that shows the full picture of the business.

It is very difficult to collect, summarize and create financial reports manually even for a small business that has not many sales and purchases. Therefore, computerized bookkeeping programs are commonly used by small and middle-sized organizations.

A bookkeeping computerized program helps small organizations:

  • to keep receipts and other records about every company's payment and consumption;
  • to summarize the company's expenditures and income on a periodic basis: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.; 
  • to create financial reports to know, for example, how much monthly profit the company is making and other needed information.

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