The Dispatch Software Solution that Meets All Transportation Requirements Helps Trucking Companies to Grow 

Organize your route management with trucking dispatch software system.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers a complete software business solution for transportation companies as well as for organizations performing field service of different types.

If you want your office staff and field employees to get more jobs done in less time, contact us, and we will explain to you how our route management and trucking dispatch software can help your company to achieve the best result.

The key benefits of using PrismVS's trucking dispatch software solution:

  • increasing the productivity of each dispatcher, delivery driver, and field service employee; 
  • improving the accuracy of the driver and service technician payroll; 
  • saving the valuable work time and company's money; 
  • increasing the amount of served customers and the company’s revenue. 

Some main features provided by our trucking dispatch software solution:

  • detailed appointment (delivery products or services to customer locations) scheduling; 
  • planning the workday for each employee from the field staff; 
  • robust and clear web interface for customers; 
  • warehouse coordination and inventory levels controlling; 
  • visual dispatching and mapping; 
  • automatic notifications and alerts; 
  • barcode integration; 
  • maintaining all records; 
  • the route with multiple stops optimization; 
  • providing drivers with the turn-by-turn directions; 
  • tracking delivery drivers and technicians location and work time; 
  • the connection between office and field via the MiniMate™ mobile application; 
  • integration with accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), point-of-sale (POS) and other software systems.
trucking dispatch software

Today the marketplace is highly competitive, so it is very important to manage the company's business activities effectively. Prism’s trucking dispatch software solution allows companies to take a proactive approach to their dispatching processes. Keeping all your business processes under control allows maximizing the utilization of your vehicles, drivers and field service personnel.

Developed by our team integrated modules allow eliminating the duplicate data entry and flowing the information with a single entry. Reducing data entry mistakes, improving cash flow with accurate and timely billing, quick connection with the delivery drivers anytime allow avoiding problems with customers at their locations and on the route.

Сomprehensive reports provide critical information necessary for efficient business managing. The data stored in a single place makes reports match from program to program, from module to module. Сonsequently, changes made, for example, in the accounting area will be reflected back to the dispatch reports, giving a true picture of the business activity.

We offer you a complete trucking dispatch software solution for all transportation requirements.