Transportation Management System for Improving Delivery Process

Advantages of using the computerized transportation management system.

The problems and opportunities of companies performing delivery are changing very quickly. To a considerable degree, the ability to perform most of the new requirements and to stay competitive in such a changeable business atmosphere depends on the technology platform used by a delivery company to support its daily business operations. We offer companies performing delivery pre-ordered and sold products our software transportation management system that includes desktop and mobile applications enabling management and control the major transportation processes:

  • Planning – a comprehensive consideration and defining all necessities for providing delivery the sold goods to destinations in the future. 
  • Execution – the effective management and monitoring of the delivery process via using computers and software management programs and other computerized systems that enable systematic sharing data, including advanced shipment notices, carrier statuses, inventory levels, proof of delivery and others. 
  • Dispatching – planning the day’s work of each delivery driver as well as the full company (including, transportation) over the long-run, adjusting the schedule as needed, including the emergency tickets, etc. 
  • Procurement – using alternative pricing and reducing transportation costs via optimization of the delivery routes.

Benefits of using our transportation management software system:

  • accessible start-up cost; 
  • easy to use the system, doesn't require special software knowledge; 
  • quick accomplishment; 
  • uninterrupted improvement through program upgrades; 
  • reducing paperwork; 
  • monitoring and protecting the company’s business data;
  • connecting drivers and dispatch center via mobile devices; 
  • reducing business costs, including transportation costs; 
  • improving making decisions, strategic planning, and customer service.
transportation management software system

Our software transportation management system is helpful for companies performing delivery products or services as well as for individual professionals who manage distribution activities, delivery or transportation. Our transportation management solution supports each operation of the delivery process and is able to improve the company's performance as well as reduce its business costs and increase profitability. Moreover, we offer you software that will change with your business changes. Expanding, optimizing and integrating are major advantages of our software solutions that provide smoothing the business running.

Exchanging of information and connections to data are necessary for uninterrupted delivery business running; our transportation management software system enables managers, dispatchers, delivery drivers, operators and other members of the company's team to have access to real-time business data.