Time Tracking Software

time tracking

Do you want to have a clear overview of your team’s time expenditures by the project?

Prism VS's Time Tracker is the right solution for racking employees' time spent on every job and project on the whole.

Time Tracker main characteristics:

  • clear and fast 
  • friendly user interface 
  • large screen view 
  • multi-project 
  • integration
  • customization

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Time Tracker Usability

employees For employees:

    • Counting every minute. 
    • Focusing on the tasks. 
    • Recording work hours at the end of the day.

manager For managers:

    • Managing workforce activities. 
    • Controlling employees’ work time. 
    • Keeping projects under control.

company For companies:

    • Invoicing timesheets to customers. 
    • Keeping projects profitable. 
    • Plan and forecasts upcoming works.

Leave Time Tracking

manager Managers

    Project managers delegate tasks to employees and manage and monitor each step of the progress.

employees Employees

    Employees easily submit spent time by the project at the end of the workday.

CRM Management Feature Accountants

    Accountants review time expenses to get a clear overview of work costs and include them in invoices.

Fully integrated with Prism VS's products:

Time tracker integrates with Accu-Tech's Visual Job Cost