Time Tracker

time tracker

Whether you are running a small business or manage your employees that work in the office, remote, or at customer locations, you need tools to track your staff's work time. The proper time monitoring software gives project managers, supervisors, and CEOs the ability to track the work time, employees' performance, and projects costs.

With Prism Visual Software’s Time Tracker, your personal will be able to focus on their work and record activities at the end of the workday.

Prism VS’s Time Tracker:

  • has an easy and simple interface
  • shows how many hours spent on the project or job by every employee;
  • allows to track time from anywhere your employees' work;
  • is fully integrated with MiniMate™, Visual JobCost, and other Prism VS’s apps.

Time Tracker provides information:

  • company name
  • customer number
  • schedule ID
  • start work time
  • end work time
  • elapsed time
  • notes

Tracking forecasted, effective, and expected hours have never been easier.

Keep fulfilled jobs under control and manage employee work time.

Time tracker integrates with Visual ServiceMate