Third-Party Delivery

Third-Party Delivery Software


  • Drag and Drop Scheduling with Visual Dashboards
  • Auto Pickup and Delivery Dispatch
  • Assigning Template-Based Work Orders to Drivers
  • Route Optimization and Bing Maps
  • Delivery Tracking and Driving Time Monitoring
  • Web Ordering and ACH Payments
  • Barcoding and Lot Tracking
  • Customer Notify and On-Demand Service Requests
  • CRM and Customer Flexible Pricing
  • MiniMate Mobile Application for Android
  • Invoicing and Accounting Software Integration
  • Delivery Data History and Advanced Reporting
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Software Overview

Scheduling and dispatching features Scheduling

    Fulfill more deliveries in less time with efficient scheduling. Create, accept, decline, edit, pause, complete, and watch work orders from anywhere on any device. Cancel orders in a smart way and notify customers and delivery drivers when such actions take place. Take into account what zones or regions every driver will be in specific periods of time to schedule the most appropriate drivers when creating a new work order. Automatically inform dispatchers and send notifications on-field staff’s mobile devices the “last minute” schedule changes.

dispatching  feature Dispatching

    Place, view, and edit information about a package or shipment. Automatically calculate the difference in price on customer requests about change in service. Notify drivers about changes in the schedule by sending notification updates. Balance workloads among drivers using the real-time view where every driver is and how much work is currently assigned to him. Handle priority tasks and ongoing jobs; provide field employees with full instructions and turn-by-turn directions. Take control of the whole third party delivery process: from scheduling to delivery fulfilling.

route management software Route Optimization

    Create a list of areas and zones that your company serves and associate zip codes with zones. With location management, organize addresses where delivery drivers will “pick up from or deliver to” for creating the most effective route for every vehicle. Create optimized routes that consist of scheduled pickups and deliveries and specify where and when drivers will be during certain periods. Plot out routes for every driver with the exactly defined sequence of appropriate stops at pickup and delivery locations.

tracking feature Tracking

    Have fast access to the details of customer orders and view the real-time status of every work order. See orders on the tracking table, quickly sort, filter, and search them. Tag packages with barcodes and lot tracking will be accessible right from the mobile device with the MiniMateTM Android app. Consider the proof of delivery after it is captured at a destination. Continuously improve fleet performance by tracking vehicle locations and keeping drivers in the know at every step of the delivery journey.

pricing Flexible Pricing

    Provide flexible pricing. Set prices for different zones and package types. Create flat rates based on distance, flat rates, and weight loading. Inform customers about discounts, promotions, and special offers. Create invoices by using the company's specific template. Use built-in invoicing and integration with the accounting system to reduce manual paperwork and do not spend time on import and export files. Decrease labor costs by automatically tracking mileage and calculating delivery prices.

Mobile app Mobility

    Empower your delivery drivers with real-time work assignments with the MiniMateTM mobile app. Internet connectivity will never affect your business; the standalone database provided by MiniMateTM allows drivers to continue performing delivery with or without an Internet connection. Barcode scanning, capturing signatures on-screen, attaching photos to orders, GPS navigating, real-time access to order and customer data, fulfilling back-office entry, and more from the field.

web service request  Web Customer

    Add Web Customer to your website and give your customers the ability to enjoy a higher level of service. Secure customer accounts allow sending requests for delivery service online or from smartphones, seeing real-time pricing quotes, creating personal address books, tracking current orders, see order history, and receiving notifications on order completion.

customized reporting feature Advanced Reporting

    Have full visibility over business data to make informed decisions focused on revenue opportunities. Advanced reporting presents the data in an attractive manner: readable, useful, and presentable. Send customized reports by e-mail and fax, export to a wide list of extinctions, including PDF, Excel, and etc., and print with desktop and mobile printers.

Single ERP System Integration

    Organize drivers, dispatchers, and managers, and customers with cutting edge technology and smart networking architecture provided by an all-in-one third-party delivery software solution. Eliminate double-entry and avoid errors and lost finance data by integrating your accounting software with Prism VS's third-party delivery software system.

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